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Kota Kinabalu - Day 5

I woke up quite early on day 5 to take a stroll around the resort with Kuan and Bee. We also planned to dip into the pool but the water was too cold. I couldn't stand the temperature in the water, so does Kuan. So, only Bee soaked in the pool while we sat on the bench and enjoy the view. It's a paradise. Some of them went for a buffet breakfast that comes together with the room rental. The others just wait for Kuan's mother to bring us some fried noodles for breakfast. Right after breakfat is packing time. It's time to leave this havenly place and head back to get ourselves prepared for the big climb.
Morning scene @ RasaRia
A malay guy performing traditional music when we leave

And so, once again we packed all we need for the climb in a hurry and get on the van that Kuan booked for us. We left his house around 1pm. It took us nearly 3 hours to reach the foot of Mount Kinabalu. Along the way, we napped and enjoyed the sceneries.
Leong Kee and me at the back of the van
That's the mountain we're going to conquer! [took on the van] We reached the foot of Mount Kinabalu!!
The maps @ Kinabalu Park
The reception office @ Kinabalu Park
Grace Hostel [where we stay]

At the foot of the mountain is already like Genting in West Malaysia. The weather is very fresh and cooling and we liked it. We checked in, put our things in the rooms and here we go again walking around that place. We walked to a cafeteria, ate something and walked to the souvenir shop. Along the way we saw a rock that looks like a pig and a wishing well. Of course, we did make our wishes there. When we came out of the souvenir shop, it was raining cats and dogs outside and we're stucked there. Luckily, there's a rest area with sofas, a fireplace and a radio. We also visited the exhibition hall upstairs.
Hot drinks @ Balsam Cafe
Walk walk @ Kinabalu Park

The wishing well [someone threw onto the ground instead of the water.. lol]

Looking for 4-leaf clover [can't find any though]
The cosy rest area @ Kinabalu Park

We got really impatient as the rain never stops. Finally, we decided to take our dinner at the restaurant beside the souvenir shop. Luckily the rain stopped when we finish our dinner. We then bought some firewood to start a fire at the fireplace. We sat next to it and prepare the food for tomorrow's climb [tuna sandwich, peanut butter sandwich and kaya sandwich]. We also make so hot chocolate for the cold weather. Then we played Cluedo and went to bed.

Dinner! @ Kinabalu Park
3 good friends outside our rooms
Preparing food beside the fireplace
Miserable small fire @ the fireplace
Good night @ Kinablu Park [Grace Hostel]

Here comes the interesting part. Before I go to bed, I feel something's not right in my tummy. I went to the toilet to try to let out something but nothing came out. I tried to sleep but the stomachache still bothers me a lot. Finally, I called Kuan and tell him that I need a doctor. But it was midnight and there's no doctor around that area. I'll have to wait till morning to get someone to fetch me down to the nearest town. And so I bear with the pain and try to get some rest. Around 3am I finally vomitted and I feel so so much better and I get a good night sleep. In the morning, again I feel the ache in my stomach. I thought that I couldn't make the climb already. I vomitted again, this time more things came out and I was feeling better. I decided that since I'm already there, I must conquer this mountain. So, I took off with the rest though I feel slightly uncomfortable. Then.... the story continues in the next post. Stay tune. =P

Recently has been getting busy with not only assignments and tests but 2 big events of Games Developers Club (GDC). The LAN Games Competition and Future Game Creators Seminar. I am the assistant director for both events, can you believe it?! Anyway, anyone interested to join these events can contact me or leave a comment, both events are open to outsiders. Hmm.. got to do some of my work now. Else, I'm gonna die working last minutes. Billy, out.

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beau said...

AIya.You are too much,i take care on you, this patient, when Kuan and Ian go out ask for help,but you din talk about me at all.i will not help u next time@||(Kidding)

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