Monday, April 23, 2007

Kota Kinabalu - Day 6

We took off from the Timpohon Gate (there's another gate called Mersilau) and our journey to the summit begins. We need to trail 8.7km to reach the top but we will take a rest at the 6km mark (Raban Rata). Along the way, there're 7 small huts for people to take a short rest, drink and eat before they continue the climb.

the climb starts!! wee~~

the one and only waterfall we saw

my only photo along the trail

steps, steps, steps.. so tiring

finally, the 2.0km mark!

porters carrying heavy stuffs walking faster than us.

trails are getting tougher

part of the long long trail

the small hut for resting

6.0km mark!! Laban Rata!!

I didn't take much photos along the climb because I wasn't fast enough to catch up with our photographers. The trail may look easy and short but actually it's quite tough because it's steep and climbing all the way. People who didn't train up before climbing like me will have a tough time catching up with others. [Imagine I'm climbing at the same pace as a 70-year old uncle] Hehe.. Anyway, I reached Raban Rata around 4pm and straight went to sleep. Too tired and cold [the power supply is down, no lights no heater].

Yet another simple post during the crucial times of my life. I'm having 7 assignments and 1 test all in 2 weeks. But out of the business everyone is having we [Kuan, Bee, Leongi, Eddie, Josh and me] went to Genting to relax and unwind and it's a part of the birthday celebration for Min Bee. Here I would like to wish her a joyous birthday. Don't frown anymore coz frowning makes one look old. Hehe.. Time to go for her birthday barbeque. Billy, out.

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beau said...

you are too slow.we are ady come bac frm genting and go through several gathering together,but u still hang in sabah trip on january.

Billy said...

No choice la.. we got the photos late and I'm a lazy blogger. hehe.. I'll try to finish up Day 7 and 8 as soon as possible then post genting trip and other stuffs lo. =P

kuanzai said...

Good also lah, blog that late still remember.

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