Thursday, April 26, 2007

Kota Kinabalu - Day 7 and 8

Basically there's not much photo taken on day 7 and day 8 (the last 2 days). So, I'm going to combine these 2 days together. Finally after so many months, I finished my post about my trip to Sabah. Hahaha.. Enjoy the photos~

Around 1am midnight, I woke up along with others to get prepared for the climb from Raban Rata to the peak of Mount Kinabalu. We took off around 2.30am after having light breakfast. Before we start our journey to the top, Eddie felt some headache and he decided not to climb. Min Bee felt slight chest pain and our guide advised her not to climb as well. So, she stayed behind with Kuan and Eddie. Key was too tired climbing the first half of the mountain so he didn't join us as well. The expedition left Ian, Vinn, Josh, LeongKee and me.

The climb to the top was wet, cold and rocky. Strong winds made me shiver with my gloves all wet. I stop to rest a lot as I wasn't feeling well from all the vomiting the day before. Vinn and Ian were in better condition and they overtook us (Josh, LeongKee and me). Preserverance kept us going as we didn't want to give up since we have reached this far. We didn't manage to reach the top before sunrise but we still get a good view of the sunrise at around 7.5km (about 1km to the peak). We sat down and enjoyed the beautiful scenery, took some photos, ate some chocolates and drink some water before continue hiking. Along the way, we saw many people going down already and we are still going up.

Me @ Mount Kinabalu

Sea of clouds

Josh, LeongKee and Me @Mount Kinabalu

up, up, up we go...
... and down, down, down they come

Finally, I reached the summit of Mount Kinabalu, The Low's Peak at 7.13am!! I've conquered the highest mountain in South East Asia!! Wee~~ We were extremely excited. [although we were the last peple of the day to reach the top] Took some photos and take a good look at the wonderful scenery from the top of the world. The guide told us that the temperature there is around 3 degree Celcius. Sometimes it may go below 0 degree and you can see ice. We were lucky that the weather is nice and the sky is clear. We weren't able to stay there long as the strong winds blowing to our faces really make us freeze. We just stayed there for around 10 minutes and started to hike back down to Raban Rata.

Ian and Vinn coming down @ Mount Kinabalu

Low's Peak [Highest point in South East Asia]

View from the summit @ Mount Kinabalu

South Peak [the most beautiful peak on Mount Kinabalu]

The 5 that made it to the top

The hike down was tougher than going up. Josh sprained his ankle and we have to walk slowly and rest every now and then not to deteriorate his condition. The sun was getting hotter and the mist were gone. We finally reached Raban Rata at noon. The rest of our gang checked out of the rooms and started going down to the foot of the mountain already. Me, Josh and LeongKee packed our stuffs, ate something light and started hiking down too. Josh's sprained ankle was quite serious and he has no choice but to pay the people there RM600 to piggy-back him down the mountain. Me and LeongKee was going down very slowly as both of our feet were terrbily tired and muscle aching. We joined the rest at the foot around 6pm. Next stop: Poring Hot Springs!

Room @ Poring

Poring Map

We had our dinner with our driver at a chinese coffeeshop and head straight to Poring. It was raining mildly and the time is midnight and yet we still go and have a quick dip in the hot springs to relax ourselves. It is indeed refreshing. Too bad our photographer Josh was too tired and went straight to bed, therefore we didn't take any pictures at the hot springs. I also met 2 koreans there and chatted for quite some time. After cleaning up, we played a round of Cluedo, ate Maggi and went to bed.

Group photo @ Poring

Our last meal...

... at this coffee shop

me and minbee @ sabah airport

We woke up around six in the morning and get ready to leave Poring. We took our last meal in Sabah before arriving Kuan's house. Upon arriving, we packed our stuffs and luggages and head towards the airport. [Special thanks to Kuan's maid who washed our dirty clothes and folded them nicely] We bid farewell to Sabah around 12.30noon and reached KL at 3.30pm.

Hmm.. How I miss those beautiful beaches, crystal clear water, marvelous sunrise and sunsets, wonderful sceneries and delicious food. I'll go there again if I had the chance. *snap* Now back to reality, I still have 3 assignments due next week and MUET Exam on saturday. Aihz.. *dreaming for another trip soon* =P Billy, out.


beau said...

finally come to the fast blog about the genting trip,bbq and putrajaya night spot.waiting ur blog.

Billy said...

wah.. looks like my blog is going to be post-trip blog.. one after another.. hahaha.. oklah.. I think I'll post it within these 2 days. =P

kuanzai said...

haiii....through out the whole blog posts about Sabah nice trip. Cannot seek a word to thanks the organizer but the maid getting appreciation.

how sad :(

Anyway, it's my proud again to bring 4 new member to Sabah's proud mountain. It will be a memory which forge deeply to everyone heart who been there.

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