Monday, April 30, 2007

Birthday Week - Part 1

21 April - 22 April 2007 @ Genting Highlands

7am - Take off from Cyberjaya! [eddie, me, bee, kuan]

Toilet @ KL Sentral

Waiting for bus @ KL Sentral [josh, kuan, leongkee, me, eddie]

Yeah! @ Genting Skyway

Reached Genting @ First World

Walking to Ria Apartments to check in

Nothing to do - SS-ing @ Ria Apartments

3 guys and a monkey face @ outside Ria Apartments

Zipped up - window shopping @ First World

Bolwing time! @ Genting Bowl

The objective of coming to Genting - to eat at Coffee Terrace!!! [buffet]

The environment inside Coffee Terrace - PACKED!

Delicious food @ Coffee Terrace [these are just a few, there're more actually]

Eat until full full nothing to do - SS again. [Haha]

After meal - Game time

Why so sad? Because I got kicked out of the casino TWICE! [i'm just few months underage only what]

Me & Kuan @ First World

To burn some time, we go drink Starbucks [my cup of coffee is FOC cause I used my WorldCard points to redeem one =P]

After Starbucks, enjoy the cool breeze outside [leongkee and me]

eddie, me, bee, leongkee - still outside [very cold wind, but refreshing ^^]

Watch movie @ 1.50am [Super fans - starring ah sa and leo ku]

Back at the apartment - Bet Blackjack using tissue paper [lame but fun though]

Birthday week was created prior to the birthday celebration of Min Bee @ BeeB of B&B. So, the B&B gang [this time only Bee, Kuan, Josh, Eddie, LeongKee and me] once again held a trip to Genting to eat buffet at the Coffee Terrace restaurant. There are hundreds of variety of food to choose from. Chinese, Western, Indian, Japanese, Nyonya and etc. D-e-l-i-c-i-o-u-s! hehe..

Then we tried to get into the casino as 3 of us are still underage. I'm the only one that got blocked by the guard and shooed out of the casino. Not once but twice. I got so fed up I don't want to try the third time already. =(

Then we went to drink some cold coffee at Starbucks to kill some time before we went to watch a movie titled Super Fans. The story plot was okay, predictable and just slightly touching. But it was considered a good movie as we have nothing to do. Next thing we know, we're back at the apartments to play Blackjack using toilet tissuesl. LameNYER. Eddie is the big winner, he has tonnes of toilet tissues enough for 2 months use. =P

I had a wonderful time together with my close friends here in MMU. Enjoyed every single moment although I was really really tired that 2 days. hehe.. This is just the first half of the birthday week. Part 2 will be posted soon. =P *Happy Belated Birthday to BeeB* Billy, out.


sansan said...

hey, nice blog ,nice trip huh ! *envy envy* you have so many trips with friends d...

beaubee said...

hehe.i post all the picture of buffet food.i m planning the next break trip again.Waiting ur next blog abt my b'day week.

s|awcHeNg said...

omg...ur hair.....
cant stop laughing....

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