Thursday, March 29, 2007

Kota Kinabalu - Day 4

I'm getting so lazy to write this, but today I got mood to write and guess what? My stupid IE gives me problem and my post is gone! GONE!!! So, I'm not going to rewrite what I have written. Just want to make it short with more photos. I know this Kinabalu thingy has been going very slowly, but please be patient Kuan, I'm also trying to finish all the days left and then I can start posting other stuffs. Hehe..

Reunion photo took before leaving Kuan's house.

Me on Proton Waja with Kuan and Bee [on the way to RasaRia]

Day4 started very early for Eddie and Kuan because Kuan has to fetch Eddie to join Vinn and Ian for white water rafting at a faraway place [don't know the name]. The rest of the gang just stayed and relax and packed some stuffs because we're going to RasaRia Resort!! Wee~~

A sign at a shop [took in Tuaran town]

On the way to the resort we stopped by at Tuaran town for lunch. As it's famous for, the Tuaran mee, is what we ate for lunch. I ordered fried Tuaran Mee. Yum Yum, it taste like wan ton mee to me. =P

Eating lunch at Tuaran

The famous Tuaran mee

After lunch we continue our journey to RasaRia Resort. We got lost on the way but we made some calls and a few U-turns and we reached the resort FINALLY! Wee~~ The rooms were beau-ti-ful! The toilet is bigger than my own room [though no photo to prove it. =P] And we've got ourselves a seaview balcony! No wonder it costs RM700 a night. Luckily, Kuan's mother got some vouchers and we got to stay there for FREE!

Our room at RasaRia Resort [chun!]

Bar counter in the room

View from balcony

After settling down, we changed into our swimwear and to the beach we go! The waves are strong and it's the first time I see such big waves. I never knew playing with waves can be so much fun. And so, we played till the sunset and swim at the swimming pool. It was a bad day as LeongKee lost his goggles at the sea while mine broke at the pool. Aihz... We cleaned up and it's time for dinner! Eddie, Vinn and Ian reached RasaRia to join us for dinner.

Ah!! Our feet stucked in the sand!

Sunset @ RasaRia beach

Night view of the resort

Seafood seafood seafood.. again.. =P

For the third time in KK, we ate seafood. Owh, seafood again.. We drove to a nearby seafood restaurant for dinner. We head back to the resort and walked around the beautiful place, lay down at on the bench, relax and went back to our rooms and called it another day. Great night sleep at a great place. =P Gotta study for my test tomorrow. Wish me luck~ Billy, out.

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