Friday, March 16, 2012

My Birthday @ Secret of Louisiana

30 December 2011 @ Secret of Louisiana, Plaza Kelana Jaya

It was my birthday!!

My dear JooLi brought me to the Secret of Louisiana for pasta!! Oh she knows me too well.. keke...

For only RM15.50, you get:
- free flow of Iced Lemon Tea
- free flow of Soup
- free flow of Garden Green Salad
- Ice cream
- Tea / Coffee
- and UNLIMITED servings of pasta!
*weekdays only

There were 8 different types of pasta to choose from... and they're all good!

We ordered 6 servings of pasta and we're stuffed... Can't imagine how the record-breaker can consume more than 10 servings!

Our lunch ended with a scoop of ice-cream each.

And it's presents time!

Love the pasta. Love the present. Love the company. Love everything that happened to me that day. Billy, out.Link


xinwei said...

Do they serve vege pasta? :)

Billy said...

you can get the list of pasta here -

I think the Mexican Aglio Olive is vegetarian. If not you can try special request not to cook with meat? =)

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