Tuesday, March 20, 2012

My Birthday - One of a Kind

30 December 2011 @ Somewhere Nearby

After a heavy pasta lunch, I headed home for a dinner with my family.

Don't know why this year, my dad suggested to have something extraordinary for my birthday and I kinda like his idea - which is Red Wine Chicken Mee Sua.

This dish originated from the FuChow clan and Yours Truly is a proud descendant of the clan.

My mom poured a little too much of the red rice wine into the soup thus making my face turned red very soon after eating it.

Then, my brother took out 3 cakes for me to choose. 2 swiss rolls and a marble cake. I gave him a wth-look and picked the marble cake. Well there it is, my birthday cake.

Later in the night, my whole family headed out to the club lounge for a round of beer, karaoke and pool game. There were only couple of people but they left a while after we invaded the place.

We had plenty of fun singing our hearts out in the lounge while my brothers play pool and darts. We stayed there till around 1am.

Feeling a little thirsty and hungry, we stopped at the nearby McDonald's for another round of makan. Eat again! Yay!

And that's how I celebrated my big day with my family last year. Kinda miss the red wine chicken now... Billy, out.

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Xjion89 said...

A great celebration indeed^^
how r u?

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