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Bangkok Revisit - Madame Tussauds [Part 1]

10 December 2011 @ Bangkok

I returned to Bangkok after almost 4 years, nothing much changed except for the water level which was still a little high due to the flood earlier on.

This time, I went with my family. Booked the Glow Trinity Hotel at Silom and it was great! A very modern concept room with affordable price. Chong Nonsi BTS Station is just a stone's throw away while Sala Daeng BTS and Silom MRT are also reachable on foot.

It was late afternoon when we reached Bangkok. We had a hard time looking for a place to eat as most shops were closed on that day. We found out later that it was a public holiday in Thailand - The Constitution Day.

The Madame Tussaud's Wax Museum was one of the places that I've always want to visit. But they're all so far away! Since they just opened one in Bangkok not long, I took the opportunity to take a peek in there. The entrance fee was 720 Baht per person (after 10% discount).

Upon entering, the first thing you see is of course the King of Thailand and his wife. Talking about the Thais, they really respect their king and their country a lot.

And so happen that we went in December (5th Dec is The King's Birthday), there were lots of gigantic portraits of His Majesty hung all over the city.

In the first room, there were some famous political leaders including our very own Tun Dr. Mahathir. But the one that captured my attention was the late Princess Diana. The wax figure looked pretty real tho.

Moving on, we took a photo with US President Barack Obama & his wife Michelle. What an opportunity! Hehe..

In the next room, there are famous personalities like Einstein (pic), Picasso, Dr. Pornthip, Mozart & etc.

Hoong, this is for you. Hah!

Moving on were the sports section.

Beckham seems to be enjoying his attention

This section also offers a lot of games for visitors - virtual penalty kicks, virtual tennis and a reflex game (pic below). Had lotsa fun there as I never thought that there will be games other than wax figures.

Moving along to the celebrities room. Out of the many famous international artistes, they also have a few local Thai artistes whom I have no idea who they were at all.


Ahoy! We be t' pirates!

JooLi: "Save me spiderman~"
Spidey: "Choy Lei Dou Soh"

Ang~ Ang~ Ang~ Doraemon! My Fav!

That's me!

Big group

Now who's the real Jacky?

It was a fun-filled visit to Madame Tussaud's coz I had a lot of up-close and personal moments with the international superstars. Hehe..

And at the end of the museum, they showed the process of making the wax figures. It's amazing how much detail and effort they poured in to make the figures look so real.

We went for dinner and walked around the city before heading back to rest and called it a day. Billy, out.

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