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Bangkok Revisit - Chatuchak Market & Chinatown [Part 2]

11 December 2011 @ Bangkok

Chatuchak Market is a place you MUST GO for shopping because it's the largest weekend market in Bangkok. It covers 35 acres and has more than 5,000 stalls!!

We went there early to avoid the big crowd which normally starts to pick up at noon time.

Didn't notice the clock tower the last time I went there

Clothes, food, accesories.. you name it they've got it, all at a dirt cheap price.

What I find interesting about the stalls there were almost every shop sells different things. It's like they have their own design or line of clothes for each stall. So you won't get bored walking round and round the place.

We had our lunch there as well and headed back to the city after that.

In the evening, we took the MRT down to Chinatown. But before that, we dropped by Wat Traimit - The Temple of Golden Buddha.

This temple housed the world's largest solid gold statue. I wonder if anybody tried stealing the gold...

We headed on to Chinatown afterward.

As you walk down the Yaowarat Street (the main street in Chinatown), stalls after stalls of food and drinks lined up at both sides of the road.

First up, we had Wan Tan Mee! The wan tan is really good as they were filled with pork and shrimps!! Delicious~

Moving on, we saw quite a number of stalls selling drinks - lime juice, pomegranate juice, etc... And see how they open up the lime!

Then, this stall caught our attention because there were so many people sitting around the stall eating. Out of curiousity, we stopped to look.

The stall was selling fish maw at 50Baht per bowl. We ordered one and it tasted really good.

JooLi can't take her eyes of this pancake stall. So we had one of those as well. Hehe...

Chinatown in Bangkok wasn't as happening as I thought. Probably it's the aftermath of the flood from the nearby Chao Phraya River.

While walking back to the MRT station, we took a photo with the Bangkok Train Station. Nothing much there either...

We took the MRT back to Silom, walked around the night market Patpong and headed back to hotel to call it a day. Billy, out.

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