Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Phuket Getaway - No. 6 Restaurant [Part 8]

25 April 2011 @ Phuket, Thailand

Later in the evening, JooLi and I strolled to the nearby Patong beach to soak in the cooling water and watch sunset. Sitting on the fine sand, we watched the fireball slowly sinks down.

Right after that, we jumped into the hotel pool to rinse ourselves before taking our bath and get ready for dinner.

The night before, we saw this shop - No. 6 Restaurant packed with people and we thought that it should worth a try. It's located along the Rat-U-Thit Road, on the opposite side of Jungceylon Mall. We happily walk to the shop to find out that the shop is fully occupied.

Tuk-tuk to bring us to No. 6 Restaurant branch

After a while, the waitress there offered us a free ride to another branch, which has fewer people. We didn't think long before we decided to take her offer.

First tuk-tuk we took in Phuket and it's a free ride. The ride lasted about 10 minutes and we can look at the menu on the way there. They even took a Polaroid photo of us and stuck it to the tuk-tuk.

The place is up on a hill and the waitress was right, we were able to see the city from up there. The ambiance of the shop was quite relaxed too, as it's quiet and surrounded by greens.

Playing Jenga while waiting for food

Fruit juices, Tom Yum Kung & Stir Fried Pork

Pad Thai, some Fried Rice thingy & Veges

The kind people there drove us back to down town again after our dinner. Food's nice, people are nice, I'd surely recommend this shop to others if you planned to go to Phuket.

Back to Patong, we shopped for some clothes, went for massage and head back to rest. All of us bought the same design of t-shirt to wear for our tour on the next day. Billy, out.

Note: Credits to WoonLee & HanChin for some of the photos.

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