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Phuket Getaway - City Tour [Part 7]

25 April 2011 @ Phuket, Thailand

From Phuket's Southern most point, we went back up North to visit the Big Buddha. But our guide decided to stop by this place to show us many other activities that we can do in Phuket - Snake show, monkey school, elephant rides, go karts and shooting.

All of the activities are quite expensive, so we have no plans to participate in any of those until we saw... Rifle Shooting!

Before we could step foot into the shooting range, all of us were given ear defenders to protect our ear drums.

The price is not cheap but for the sake of holding a real gun, HanChin and I paid 890 Baht each for 10 Calibre .45 bullets.

Me in action!

One of the staffs loaded the bullets for me and taught me the basic things to fire. Duh, just pull the trigger and the bullet will shoot lah!

He didn't really teach me how to aim and all so I belasah only.. Ended up getting really low score. *sigh* HanChin did really well though, he managed to get 75% score! Pro shooter!

After we finished shooting, some girls tried to sell to us photos taken when we were shooting. We politely reject and walked towards the elephant camp, which is just around the corner.

Guess what? The girls literally chased after us until the elephant camp, still trying to sell the photos to us with discounted price - 100Baht I think. Still too expensive for piece of photo. =P

There were only few elephants were spotted in the camp, most of them were feeding. We checked out the price and it's darn expensive - 890 Baht for 30 minutes ride.

We got into Jimmy's car once again and head uphill towards the most significant statue in town - Big Buddha.

From there, we gotta climb up a few flights of stairs to reach the building itself. Sadly, the building was still not ready despite the fact that this project started more than 9 years ago!

They were struggling as funds were insufficient. This project's fund solely comes from donation only. So, if you happen to visit the Big Buddha, do support them by sponsoring a tile which can be bought there.

Smaller version beside the big one

After Big Buddha, we headed to the most beautiful temple on the island - Wat Chalong. True to what we've heard, it's really magnificent.

We didn't really go into the temples as we were wearing shorts and singlets, to respect the culture. So, you'll only see exterior of the temples.

Elephants at Wat Chalong

We visited a few buildings in that compound and this is what we saw in one of them. Believe it or not, it's not a real human being, it's a wax statue of an old monk. Look so real aye?!

After a long day visiting places, we stopped at the Cashew Nut factory for some snacks. We were greeted at the shop and we get free testing for ALL the products sold in the shop.

Us at Cashew Net Factory

We only picked a few items from the shelf and it costs us more than 1,000 Baht already. These stuff are nuttily expensive!

Jimmy explaining how the nut is harvested

We told Jimmy that our last stop would be cheap shopping and I've emphasize the word "CHEAP" to him several times.

Yet, he brought us to a Pearl Shop and a Gems Shop. We reluctantly paraded around the shops once and told him to drive us back to hotel. We gave up asking him on where to get cheap souvenirs.

He dropped us near Jungceylon Mall, we paid him and venture on for food on the street.

We found a stall that sells soup noodles with a huge crowd of locals buying it. Out of curiosity, we bought a bowl and tried it out and it tasted great! So HanChin bought another bowl to share.

The sun was killing us at that time of the day. We quickly walk back to the hotel before we melt down. Billy, out.

Note: Credits to WoonLee & HanChin for some of the photos.

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Xjion89 said...

I hv yet to step foot at Thailand...hahaha, frm ur review, it is really worthy to go thre and visit^^

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