Monday, July 25, 2011

Phuket Getaway - Final Day [Part 10]

26 April 2011 @ Phuket, Thailand

The mission for our last evening in Phuket is SHOPPING!

While hunting for souvenirs, we stopped at this stall for pancakes!

We then headed on to McDonald's for dinner. There's pork burger in their menu!

Wanted to try something different, all of us had the Samurai Pork Burger. Nyam!

The rest of the evening we walked all over the streets of Patong searching for souvenirs and food.

Bargain! Bargain!

We went inside Jungceylon's Carrefour to shop for some local products to bring back to Malaysia. We were awed by the size of the mall, never thought it's so big! Sadly, we had very little time left, thus didn't really explore the place.

After all the shopping, we're hungry again! It's midnight and there are still quite a number of shops open for business.

We had supper at a shop near our hotel to stuff our growling tummies and also to celebrate HanChin's birthday! Yup, the last day in Phuket coincidentally falls on the same day as his birthday.

27 April 2011 @ Phuket, Thailand

Our flight back to Kuala Lumpur was in the afternoon. We took the opportunity to visit the beach one last time before flying back to reality.

Patong beach in the morning was really calm as there weren't a lot of people there yet. We were relaxing at the beach until...

...this elderly man pulled down his speedo and started scratching his ass cheeks in front of us! First the right side, then the left side. Eww!

We didn't stay long at the beach as the sun was getting really hot. We got back to pack, check out and our taxi driver took us to the airport.

WoonLee, HanChin & our luggages

At 1.35pm, we left Phuket with a heavy heart. I think I'll return to Phuket for more visits in the future if got chance lah. Hehe... The End. Billy, out

Note: Credits to WoonLee & HanChin for some of the photos.


Julez said...

I miss Phuket so much~~ I wanna go again =)

leo said...

Good from my camera superb nice!

Xjion89 said...

wow, Part 10~every part is so nice!

JUAN-ted said...

We are leaving for Maya Bay this August 2014 and initial plan is to fly from Kuala Lumpur to Phuket, take ferry and spend a night on a boat on the water of Maya Bay before we proceed to Krabi the next day. Now, because of your very nice story about Phuket, we are confused if we need to skip Krabi and return to Phuket after overnight at Maya Bay.

Great posts (photos as well). I read from the day you land in Phuket til your final day. Thank you for these nice read.

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