Thursday, July 21, 2011

Phuket Getaway - James Bond Tour [Part 9]

26 April 2011 @ Phuket, Thailand

It's Day 4!

A driver picked us up from the hotel and headed towards Ao Por Pier (located at north-east coast of Phuket island). It was quite a tiring and long journey from Patong to Ao Por.

4 of us wore the same t-shirt

We boarded the boat (or should I say ferry) and out to the sea we went.

On the boat, free flow of drinks, snacks and fruits were provided. At the same time, we were all briefed with the activities awaiting us for the day.

The boat has 2 decks. All passengers will sit on the upper deck while toilet, kitchen and store room were all at the bottom deck.

JooLi and I at the front of the boat

Soon enough, we reached our first stop. And our first activity is kayaking. However, we were not allowed to kayak ourselves as it requires really good maneuvering skill to sail through the tiny cave.

kayak in the hole!

With our paddler

someone's trying a kayak stunt

Lunch was on its way when we came back to the boat after first round of kayaking. There were fried chicken, fish, vege, tom yum kung and etc to satisfy our taste buds.

I like how they organize things where they arranged the food nicely in the centre and they let the ladies take their food first. Very gentlemen indeed. But there were a few ignorant Asian men lined up with the ladies as well. Hmph!

The second stop would be the most anticipated one, it's James Bond Island. James Bond movie - The Man with the Golden Gun took one of their scenes here, and that's how this place shot to fame.

Yup, it's that pillar thing there that's damn famous now. Everyone wants piece of it and I can't seem to get an empty space to take a good picture with the pillar.

We also tried some playful shots but they didn't turn out that nice.

On the island, there were some stalls selling drinks and accessories. They should sell something like the replicas of the Bond's Golden Gun or try imitating Bond for tourists to take picture with. It'd make good business there aye?

After James Bond Island, we went to another nearby island for kayaking again. This time, we get to choose to paddle ourselves or not.

Of course I wanna kayak myself!

JooLi and I took one kayak while WoonLee and HanChin had their own. We followed the crowed into the caves. The formation of the rocks were just amazing.

The way going in is also the way coming out. There was a bottleneck where everyone was stuck in a kayak-jam. Instead of waiting, we decided to turn back and paddle to somewhere more spacious.

The boat then take us to another small island for swimming. Many of the passengers actually jumped into the sea from the upper deck. Kinda scary for me because I'm not a good floater...

Four of us kayak-ed to the shore and one of the guides followed us (Forgot what's his name). He talked to us, cracked some jokes and we had a nice time on the shore.

The last agenda before hitting the pier was the performance by the crew. 2 of them were breakdancing while another one dressed up as a ladyboy to entertain us. They were really hilarious!

After I got back from the trip and browse through the photos, then only I realized THIS! WoonLee was maneuvering the boat!!

The tour ended around 5pm.

I had loads of fun and decided to tip the crews for their efforts of making sure all the passengers are happy and well taken care of. For sure I'd recommend this tour to anyone making their trip to Phuket - Phuket Siam Seacanoe. Billy, out.

Note: Credits to WoonLee & HanChin for some of the photos.


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