Sunday, December 20, 2009

Temples Hopping

10 October 2009 @ Penang

Early in the morning, WoonLee's good friend - Yung brought us to eat Penang Hokkien Mee aka Prawn Noodles for breakfast.

OMG! I'm feeling hungry just by looking at this picture. The noodles is full of stuff and it's indeed very very delicious. Well, besides prawn noodles, some of us had Char Kuey Tiaw (again) and we shared a pan cake. Quite special I'd say.

Later on, we drove to Him Heang shop/ factory to buy "souvenirs". All of us were carrying bags and bags of biscuits when we came out from the shop. Who can resist buying those delicious Tambun pia?

Wilson, JooLi, Me, WoonLee, HanChin & Mike
[Eugene and Cheryl didn't join us]
and Yung a.k.a tour guide (not in photo)

Later on, we went to the first temple - Buppharam Thai Buddhist Temple. [I hope I got the name correct]

There's a little myth about a small statue in this temple. The statue is about 1 foot tall only. So people make wishes by kneeling in front of the statue. If it grants your wish, you should be able to lift the statue up easily, if not otherwise. If you managed to lift it up easily, you should put it back down and try to lift it again. Your wish is guaranteed if the statue is as heavy as a car in your second attempt.

Right after that, we hopped to another temple - Wat Chaiya Mangkalaram. This temple should be quite famous for those who visit Penang. Why?

Because here lays one of the biggest reclining buddhas in the world. Though it may not be as grand as the one in Wat Pho (Thailand), I feel that it's something for Penangites to be proud of, having such a big statue there.

Went around the temple taking photos...

The Harimau-s

The Lembu-s

The next temple to hop to is just across the road - Dhammikarama Burmese Buddhist Temple. Along the corridor, you can see paintings related to Buddha's life hanging on both sides of the walk way.

JooLi "planted" RM1 at the Money Tree

I'm helping the boys to carry their stuff

Another huge Buddha statue

Took this photo while we were almost leaving already. Kinda like the silhouette effect of this photo. =)

Well, this is not the end of temple hopping yet. There is one more to go - Kek Lok Si!! Stay tune. Billy, out.

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Julez said...

I thought the wish is granted if the statue is lifted easily?? Or did i get that wrongly? Hehe

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