Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Changing to Celcom Platinum

Finally... Finally.... Finally!!!!

I have changed my packaged to Celcom Platinum package! Wheee~~~

Went to Celcom branch in PJ to terminate my current package and register the new one at the same time. It will take 24 hours to 48 hours down time to get it done. So at the mean time, you won't be able to call/sms me. Only email will reach me now, till tomorrow.

Just a little introduction, Celcom Platinum Plan is open for permanent employees of TM Group. It's RM0 Access Fee but you need to pay RM8 monthly for Value-added services (like call forwarding, voice mail and etc). Call rates are 10sen/min for local & fixed lines; 25sen/min for others. SMS will be charged 8sen each.

How's that? Pretty cool aye? Calling all my friends, join TM now and get all these benefits instantly! Hahaha... Billy, out.

Edited @ 22/12/2009, 2.44pm - My number has been activated. Good job to Celcom for being so efficient. =)


subject117 said...
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subject117 said...

hey there,
i'm using platinum package since my mum ex telecom staff and get 5 platinum plans... so is it actually possible for me to change to other telco? since i dunno anything about the platinum plan contract... and when i call celcom customer service they like clueless about the benefits too

Billy said...

Hi subject117,
I'm not too sure about the contract. But I think you can change to other telco if your mum is not working in TM anymore.
You can probably visit one of the Celcom centres first to clarify things. If they can't help you, I suggest you just change it.
Hope it works out for you. =)

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