Friday, December 25, 2009

Kek Lok Si Temple

10 October 2009 @ Penang

Visited 3 temples, temple hopping mission continues... Up next, the big famous temple of Penang - Kek Lok Si!! In hokkien, it means Temple of Supreme Bliss and it's the largest buddhist temple in South East Asia!

Bougainvillea + Pagoda

One and only group photo - Yung, Mike, Me, JooLi, Wilson, WoonLee & HanChin

Everybody wants Kung Fu fighting~

A man asked HanChin to pretend to be a beggar for photoshoot

We then paid RM2 per person to go up to the big pagoda. This is my first time up there although I have visited Kek Lok Si a few times.

Once we're up there, I saw all these beautiful carvings on the walls and pillars. The carvings are so detailed that it made my jaws drop to the ground.

Names were written on the walls and pillars. I believe those are the people who donated generously for the construction of the temple.

JooLi and a cute white elephant

Further up, a huge bell sits right beside the pagoda. It's called the "Your Wish Will Realize Bell" aka wishing bell lah! No doubt, we went to make a wish and hit the bell real hard.

Make wish and hit it!

D' Gatekeepers

It's not complete without a jump shot

After that, we head on to our last mission - to climb to the very top of the Pagoda. There are 6 storeys in the Pagoda and the stairs are getting narrower and narrower as you climb. Till we reach the top, everyone was panting but the view up there was breath-taking.

See the whole of Penang!

I wonder why I left out the picture of the Pagoda. But if you're curious, you can try googling it. Haha..

Last but not least, I present to you the Lomo Fisheye Bighead shots of everyone of us. The pictures turned out quite funny. Credits to WoonLee for her Fisheye camera. =)

There was another attraction at Kek Lok Si, which is the 30metres tall Kuan Yin Statue (Goddess of Mercy). We didn't go up as it's under heavy construction, I think they're building walls around it or something.

More food coming up in my next post, including the famous cendol stall! Billy, out.


Borneo Falcon said...

Nice jump shot.

Julez said...

'Jooli & a cute white elephant'?? Only the elephant cute ah? I'm not cute ah *hhhmmpphh~~!!*...kekeke =)

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