Sunday, December 13, 2009

Journey to the Food Haven

9 October 2009 @ Kuala Lumpur to Ipoh to Penang

TM gang 1st year friendship anniversary were supposed to be celebrated in the month of September 2009. Due to some circumstances, we postponed to October and we decided to head up further north from where we knew each other (Taiping) - Penang!

HanChin, WoonLee, JooLi and Me in one car

8 of us, 2 black Myvi and north we went! Before reaching Penang, we stopped at Ipoh for their famous Ipoh Bean Sprout Chicken for lunch.

Restoran Lou Wong Tauge Ayam Kuetiau - the most famous shop in Ipoh

No doubt it was very yummy, but slightly oily it'd say. We then stopped at the Funny Mountain "drive-thru" shop to buy Tau Fu Fa and soya bean milk.

I'm not the biggest fan of Tau Fu Fa but interestingly, I quite like the taste of this one. Extra soft, extra smooth and extra fresh. Totally worth a try.

After the makan-makan, we zoom towards Penang island. I was so busy talking that I didn't know I passed the grand Penang bridge! Haha..

Anyway, we have a map in the car, drove round and round the town looking for our hotel. And finally, we managed to reach Gurney Hotel with no one harmed. Checked in, put down our stuff and we straight away went to the Subway shop to get something to eat. Tooooo hungry already lah.

Back to the room, we booked 2 joined rooms and the rooms are HUGE!! One queen-sized bed, one working desk, one sofa set, one dining table, wardrobe and a jacuzzi bath tub in the toilet!

While everyone wanted to take a rest, I headed down to the pool to swim. It's beautiful! There are two pools (kiddie pool with slides and fountains and an adult pool). The pool looks as though it has no sides, so cool. On the same floor, there are kids room, archery, ping pong tables, pool tables, gymnasium and a volleyball court.

In the evening, Eugene called one of his friends to bring us out for dinner. So we went to Pulau Tikus, which is not a pulau. I was so hungry that I only remembered to snap photo after gopping up everything.

We then went to Gurney Plaza for a walk and then went back to the hotel for a good night rest as the next day will be a long day will lots of walking, visiting and eating. Billy, out.

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