Thursday, September 10, 2009

Pulau Perhentian - Voyage to Nearby Islands

24 May 2009 @ Pulau Perhentian, Pulau Redang, Pulau Lang Tengah

It's day 2 at Pulau Perhentian. We had to wake up early for breakfast, get changed and more snorkelling! But before that, we had a few jumps to warm ourselves up.

Day 2 is pretty much island hopping around Perhentian. Our guide first brought us to Pulau Redang - famous as the set for the movie Summer Holiday.

our one and only full 10-people group photo

The sand on the beach is really soft, the water is crystal blue, and the resort looks very comfortable to stay in. I think it'll be pretty throat-cutting though.

We walked along the beach, snapped photos, kicked sand and snapped more photos. Poor WoonLee got sand-kicked from us. Haha!

She also got the hand sand prints and middle finger sand print on the back of her shirt. Looks not bad what...

Then, we went to this shop for a coconut water drink to quench our thirst under the scorching sun.

We also went to the souvenir shop and bought ICE-CREAMS!! Another cooling stuff oozing down the throat in the hot weather.

After that, we went on to snorkel in the sea of Pulau Redang. People were shouting that there are baby sharks near the rocks. We were all hyped up to see too.

So I snorkel snorkel snorkel... Can't even see a shark fin. Snorkel snorkel somemore... Not even the shark shadow. I gave up, I told my guide that I can't find the sharkies. So he took the lead and ask me to follow him. We swam...

And I saw 4 baby sharks! My guide pulled my arm, and I thought he was telling me not to go near or they'll chew my head off. I was wrong... He's just telling me to look at the sharks. Ah, stupid. I tried to swim after the sharks but they're just too fast. Anyway, I'm satisfied seeing them just a couple of meters away from me.

After a while, shouts came again. "PENYU! PENYU!" Here I go again, swimming towards the shouts. Basically, everyone in the sea with goggles were wiggling towards that direction. And yes I managed to catch a glimpse at the sea turtle. I think it is quite huge but because it's swimming at the bottom of the sea, it looks kinda tiny.

After Redang, we went to Pulau Redang Marine Park for lunch and more snorkelling there. There're lots of fish big and small there. Different types of corals you can find there too. Quite interesting.

Then, Pulau Lang Tengah we went. We just dropped by the small beautiful island to use the toilet and buy some snacks. We don't even have time to shoot some photos.

We head back to our resort after bathing in cold, fresh water on another side of an island. And we played Chor Dai Dee with playing cards.

Well I didn't play. Only ordered some food to eat as I was really hungry.

Some of us didn't get enough of the salty water. Went dipping in the sea again after we've dried up. One of them is me! Just couldn't get enough of the cooling water and the sunny weather. Ah, I think some of you might think I'm crazy, but I do love the sun!

It was getting dark and we all head back to take turn to bathe. It's time for our last dinner at Perhentian - Barbeque Dinner! We had lots of seafood, chicken and satay for BBQ. Yum Yum. They cooked a bit too slow though. Had to wait for long intervals after finishing one plate.

We also sat under the clear sky to enjoy the twinkling stars. I've not seen so many stars in the sky before. Oh, probably I did, at Mount Kinabalu, but who cares. There were really lots and lots of stars in the sky, very beautiful.

25 May 2009 @ Pulau Perhentian going back Kuala Lumpur

It's the last day at Pulau Perhentian. We had to check out early and take an early boat back to Kuala Besut as our bus is scheduled to pick us up at 10am. Bye bye Perhentian~ I'll miss you~

JooLi and I in front of our chalet

It was a really fun trip, with my beloved and buddies from work and buddy's best buddy and buddy's sister and her boyfriend and her boyfriend's friends. Complicated? Nah, they're all human beings. 10 people, tons of fun. Had a great time. Billy, out.


Julez said...

I like the way you wrote this post. Lots of descriptions. Hehe

Fun outing... Wish we didnt have to leave so soon.

Xjion89 said...

sun, beach~~~
ooo, i think i need a quick getaway like this leh~~~

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