Thursday, September 24, 2009

Happy Burstday Cheryl!

23 July 2009 @ Sakae Sushi, Bangsar Village

This should be the very last birthday post for TM gang in this first year of friendship. I can't believe 1 year passed in a blink of an eye.

This time, we are celebrating the "big sister" in the gang - Cheryl, who is also the only Chinese girl in my department aka my colleague.

We decided to have Japanese food this time and we picked a place that's near our workplace, Bangsar Village. There aren't many people in this branch, so the service and food quality was quite good too.

promoting Sakae Sushi

We bought the same cake as we had for Eugene's birthday, the Black Magic or something. It's very rich in dark chocolate. Yummyz~

Present time! Eugene tried to prank her with a Michael Jackson CD as her gift but it turned out that she liked that CD too! Too bad Eugene...

He actually bought the CD for himself and we bought another set of CDs for her. There are 4 CDs in the box that has a wide collection of classical swing music. I'm pretty sure she loved it.

Need no further explaination, tradition continues with photo-taking with everyone present.

Cheryl and Mike

Cheryl and HanChin

Cheryl and WoonLee

Cheryl and JooLi

Cheryl and Me

And we have a special gift! It's Mr. Ee himself wrapped up with a ribbon exclusively for Cheryl. Awww, how sweet~ Haha!

Finally a group photo to mark the happy day.

24 July 2009 @ Office, Menara TM

It's her actual birthday. The office lady ordered some food and a cake for Cheryl. We had White Chocolate Hazelnut (if not wrong) from Secret Recipe. Slurpzz~

That's the last bit of it. I hope that we can continue to celebrate more birthdays in years to come. Cheers for TM gang. Billy, out.

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