Sunday, September 20, 2009

Happy Burstday Woon Lee!

10 June 2009 @ Tony Romas, Midvalley Megamall

It's birthday celebration for one of the TM gang members again! This time, we went to Tony Romas to celebrate WoonLee's birthday.

It was my first time dining at Tony Romas. I've heard praises and recommendations from people around me. No doubt, the food was good, the portion was big and the price was hefty too.

After dinner, it's cake cutting time! We had a Baskin Robbin ice-cream cake [my first as well]! It was kinda special. The strawberry flavoured ice-cream were scooped into balls and put them inside a fence of shortbread. The taste was heavenly.

Then, gift time! We bought her a camera. Not any odinary camera, it's a lomography camera that she's been dreaming of having one. Now, we made her dream come true. [check out her first few lomo attempts at Penang].

camera model who likes to model with her head

As tradition, the birthday girl has to take photo with each person there.

WoonLee and her boy, HanChin

with Uncle Ee

with Cheryl (dancing?)

with Jacky

with Mike

with JooLi and Patrick the dog

with Me and Patrick the dog

In addition to the lomo camera, JooLi and I bought her a little stuffed toy - Patrick, the red dog. Apparently, this little doggie was quite famous and I don't know a thing about it. Well, hi Patrick, now I know you! Haha..

As the birthday girl requested, I personally gave her 2 pieces of chocolates. These chocies were taken out from my treasure box inside the drawer at my office. She's lucky to get 2 of 'em.

WoonLee and her pressies

Last but not least, a big happy family photo - TM Gang. Cheers! Billy, out.

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leo said...

This is the 3rd time i dining at Tony Romas, my first time to have BR cake..

Thanks for the celebration, the very cute Patrick,and the LOMO camera..i appreciate it..haha

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