Monday, September 14, 2009

Cameron Highlands - Inhale the Cool Fresh Air

7 June 2009 @ Cameron Highlands

Finally, yes finally, I was able to set my foot at the high grounds of Cameron Highlands. Woot! It was a family trip with my uncle's family.

We had to depart 7.30am in the morning in order to reach the top at around noon time to check in. So my family drove through McDonald's for the McBreakfast set. I had my all-time favourite Fillet-o-Fish with hashbrown and tea. Yummyz!

We waited for my uncle's car to arrive at the highway. Then, they tailed us all the way up north.

After driving for around 2 hours, we stopped at Bidor for brunch and we had duck noodles at a very famous and people packed shop there. We had to wait for quite some time before getting a table to sit down.

No photos taken here as I was still in the half-sleep-half-awake condition, moreover, I was hungry and can't wait to feed my poor tummy. My dad bought some guavas too - Bidor is famous for its sweet juicy guava if you didn't know.

The road up the hill was very curvy. There were turns left and right all the way up to the top. It's preferably to take the new road which is also a longer route to reduce the feeling of carsick.

Both cars stopped at the very first shop we saw. It's selling a lot of fresh vegetables and strawberries products but most of us were interested at visiting the toilet god only.

We hopped onto our cars once again to head to our rented apartment. The traffic condition was much worse than I thought. Traffic Jam?! The air was also quite polluted as there were lorries transporting stuff everywhere.

Nevertheless, we managed to find our way through and reach safely at Desa Anthurium Apartments just before reaching Tanah Rata town from Berinchang.

We got our keys, checked in and moved everything from the car to the apartment. It's not only luggages, but food, utensils and even a big rice cooker! You will be amazed by what we cook throughout the 3 days there.

the balcony - can see a playground with few bbq pits

Our apartment has 3 bedrooms and 2 toilets. It is quite spacious though. The living room is equiped with a sofa set and TV with astro channels. The kitchen is also quite complete with a refrigerator, stove, rice cooker, cooking pans and other utensils.

the most holy and important place - the toilet

After settling our stuffs, we wanted to drove out for makan. We drove towards Tanah Rata and got jammed up not even 1km away from our apartment. We waited for a while and decided to head back to cook something light for our tea time.

Very quickly, my mom and aunt steamed some chee cheong fun for us. They even have time to boil the fishballs, meatballs and fu zhuk. Topped with the sweet sauce and sesame seed, the meal is heavenly, especially when everyone was super duper hungry.

After eating, we decided to take a stroll down towards Tanah Rata to look see look see. We walked and walked and walked and felt that if we continue walking downhill. We'll be having a tough time walking back up to our apartment.

That is when my uncle and I walked back to get our cars while the rest waited at us near the town.

We picked the rest up, drove a little bit more to town, parked our cars there and started walking around the Tanah Rata town. There weren't much to see as the sun is still hot in the late afternoon.

I saw a fruit stall selling different kinds of fruits and very curious at the types of fruits that I've not seen before.

1. Sea coconut if not mistaken

2. Forgot what's this

3. Some little chick-look-alike thingy plant

Then a familiar sign caught my attention. Jeng, jeng, jeng.... It's the TM logo!! Ah, I heartz TM!

The sun was literally burning our skin. We headed back to the cars and drove further away from town to reach this place - Cameron Valley tea plantation.

This is the first time I get to see a real tea plantation. Usually, what I see is only on TV commercials, where some ladies plucking tea leaves happily at the plantation. Then the leaves plucked will turn into some B-brand tea or L-brand tea. Haha!

Since the rest of the people are not adventerous enough to climb down to the plantations, Wei Xin (my cousin), Wei Si (my brother) and I went down to snap pictures with the greens. The plants don't look that "Wow" from near though... Think I'd prefer the view from higher.

We walked at the cafe that serves tea, then to the shop that sells tea leaves and then to the shop that sells souvenirs. We didn't buy any tea drink or tea leaves, but my cousin and my brother bought a toy gun each. Speechless...

It's dinner time! Once again, the chefs made a sumptious meal for dinner - Nasi Lemak! We had lemak rice, sambal sotong, anchovies, peanuts, eggs, cucumber and tempe. It's unbelievably great. I had a few servings myself.

After dinner was the relaxing time. We took turns to take bath, jumped around on the beds, watched tv and SUDDENLY, a bug flew into our apartment. A big green buzzing bug! It's time for some action by the kids who just bought their toy gun.

So they try to shoot the bug from far, from near, sideways, lying on floor, etc etc. Then I forgot who but one of the adults pick the bug up and threw it out the balcony. Cheers!

The moon that night was very bright. Covered by the fast-moving clouds. My 2 cousins were amazed by the scene and quickly used their cameras to capture the moon appearing and disappearing from the clouds.

We headed down to the night market to get some good deals. The market was quite packed with people and even the road is full of cars. But most of the stalls I see are selling the same same stuff. Vegetables, strawberries, vegetables and more strawberries. Well of course there were stalls selling clothings, toys and other types of food.

We bought something to eat, and also a big bag of vegetables. Thought that we can have fresh salads right from Cameron itself the next day.

It's late at night and it's getting cold. All of us cuddled in the living room watching tv while my aunt prepared supper.

Ingredients: a block of cheese all the way from US (courtesy of cousin Mindy) and some jalapeno sauce. She melted the cheese and add in the sauce for a gist of spicy taste.

A few packets of corn chips to go with the cheesy sauce.

I'm a cheese lover and no doubt I love our supper.

It's been a day full of food, food, food and it's also a very relaxing day with the cooling weather. Off to bed after supper and more food and strawberries to come in the next day. Billy, out.


leo said...

wah..i really long time din go there d..

Borneo Falcon said...

I been planning to jungle trekking there for a long time already

gio said...

the supper looked undoubtedly great !!

Xjion89 said...

ooo, Ipoh to Cameron Highlands about 1 hr drive^^

haha!!! did u pluck ur own strawberries?!

Billy said...

You long time didn't go there. This is my first time there leh. Hehe..

[Borneo Falcon]
jungle trekking? ooo.. sounds cool..

No doubt at all. It's totally awesome! =D

Yea yea.. We went to Ipoh for lunch on our way back home.. Hehe..
No I didn't pluck my own strawberries. Only bought from those shops...

Marlene Affeld said...

Sounds like you really had a nice time. Thanks for sharing your trip, photos and culture. Wishing you the best.

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