Friday, June 17, 2011

Phuket Getaway - Phi Phi & Khai Island [Part 4]

24 April 2011 @ Phuket, Thailand

By noon time, we stopped at Phi Phi Island for lunch. We sat at a table together with 2 other Singaporeans and a Israeli family.

Lunch was good. We had 7 types of dishes - chicken, fish, vegetables, onion rings, pasta & tom yum kung!

We then walked along the little lane along the shore. There were quite a few shops that sell clothings and food stuff. Nothing much that you can see or do at that place though. Maybe we didn't explore that much.

Drink responsibly

While waiting to board the boat again, we saw this resort that has quite some nice deco around the garden compound. What else? Photo time!

JooLI & WoonLee with 4 Apsaras

4 of us with the little exercising statues

We were on the sea again at 2pm and headed on to Khai Island, which was the last stop of the tour.

a tree among the rocks

Khai Island is a very small island you can walk around it in just 10 minutes. Yup, it's THAT small! But the beach and the rock formations (aka stacks) were beautiful.

crystal clear water

Stacks & me

So many fishes in the shallow water

We walked one full round around the island and ordered a cup of ice-cream to cool ourselves down. The sun was really melting us away.

Forgot how much but it's very expensive ice-cream

We left the island at around 4pm to go back to Phuket, where we took our luggage to check into our second hotel - Palmyra Patong Resort.

Kids playing with sand near the jetty in Phuket

When we reached the hotel, it was already 5pm something. The receptionist told us that all the standard rooms were taken up. So, we were offered the family villa.

The kind receptionist took us to take a look at the villa and we're all more than happy to stay there. There was a living room, equipped kitchen, 3 bathrooms, 2 bedrooms and it's 2-storeys.

Villa 104

Our bedroom

The swimming pool is just a few steps away from our room. And the pool is lovely. It's long enough for a swim, plenty of chairs around it, there are also platforms for you to sit and drink in the pool and a jacuzzi at the other end.

I heartz the pool!

So after we checked into our villa, dumped our stuffs in our rooms and dived into the pool! Oh the feeling of soaking in the pool after a long sweaty day is so good.

We rested a while at the pool before we went to bathe and got ready for our night out exploring the streets of Patong. And that shall be in the next post. Billy, out.

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