Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Phuket Getaway - Arrival [Part 1]

23 April 2011 @ Phuket, Thailand

Hotels checked!
Itinerary checked!
Flight tickets checked!
Passport checked!
Thai Baht checked!

And off we were off to Phuket!! Wheeeeeeee~~~

JooLi queueing at LCCT

Had brunch at Marry Brown before boarding

We touched down at Phuket International Airport around 1pm local time. The first thing I saw is a booth giving out free SIM Card. I quickly took one and later found out that we need to top up minimum 300 Baht from 7-11 before you can start making any calls. Geesh!

Hear ye! Hear ye! Free SIM cards for all!

Making our way out from the airport is a little tricky, as the locals were swarming at us with "Cheap Taxi" & "Cheap Limosine".

One of them trailed us and he looked kinda sincere, so we decided to hire him for 650 Baht to bring us to our hotel. I think the prices are quite standard unless you are taking the bus or metered taxi.

As expected, the driver, Jimmy stopped at a travel agency and invited us to take a look at their tours. We went in and after a really looooong negotiation, we signed up 2 tours with them, afraid that we wouldn't be able to find any tours by the end of the day.

Oh my we were wrong! There were hundreds of tour booths along the streets of Patong. You can easily get a cheap tour (~1,000 Baht) at any of the booths. *smacks forehead*

First hotel - Patong Lodge Resort

We checked into our first hotel in the late afternoon, and the sun is starting to set already. We booked this hotel through Dizzygoat.com as they were having some promo price (~RM100 per night).

The room was clean and the facility was good but the hotel is a little old and it's up on a hill and far from the happening Patong beach.

If you don't mind hiring a tuk-tuk to go in and out of the hotel, you can consider staying here. Or else, you will walk up and down the hill till your leg patah. Luckily, we only stayed there for one night. *Phew*

Some weird welcome drinks

We dropped our luggage in our rooms and started walking towards the beach. The beach right outside our hotel is called Kalim beach. Not many people in that area and the beach is kinda rocky.

First group photo @ Kalim beach

We walked down the hill a little more and found a 7-11 shop. I spotted the burger section and there was a Pork Burger in the menu! Very excited to see Pork in 7-11, all of us ordered a Pork Burger to fill our growling tummies.

HanChin, WoonLee & JooLi & Porkie Burgers

The burger only costs us 200 Baht each and you can put in as much lettuce, tomatoes, onions and sauce as you want! *slurpz*

Nyam! Nyam!

After satisfying our hungry stomach, we head on to the beautiful Patong beach, the most happening beach in Phuket.

The sand was fine, beach chairs and umbrellas everywhere, some people were sunbathing, some were playing in the water and some families even brought their house pet to the sea!

Doggie playing with a ball at the beach

Walking along the beach was very relaxing, feeling the cool water splashing to your feet while the sea breeze gently touched your face. Plus, the beautiful sun was setting at that time...

Too bad we had to rush for dinner and catch a show later of the day, so we didn't stay to watch the sunset. Ladyboy show in the next post. Billy, out.

Note: Credits to WoonLee & HanChin for some of the photos.

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