Thursday, June 10, 2010

Team Building at Langkawi

2 April 2010 @ Kuala Lumpur

Right after my first trip to Langkawi, I got news that I'll be going there again for my department's team building. Geesh...

Most of us gathered at our office on Friday night and take the 8-hour bus to Kuala Perlis.

Me, Cheryl, Yuzi & Niza

3 April 2010 @ Kuala Perlis & Langkawi

It was looooong and tiring journey to the north. 8 hours of bus, waited 3 hours for ferry, 1 hour ferry ride, another 20 minutes bus ride to the resort. At last, we checked in about 12 hours after we departed from KL.

can you see the foot?
Yes, I'm sharing a bed with another mah lat lou...

First thing we did was to cure our tummy and take a nap. Ice breaking was the first activity and we had to wear the blue shirt provided to take a group photo.

First Session of Teaming with Excellence

We were split into groups and played some outdoor games in the evening. Not very enjoyable as it was drizzling. Then we had indoor games at night.

4 April 2010 @ Langkawi

Second day was more fun. Everyone woke up early for aerobic dance. Then we had breakfast and head for abseiling at the waterfall, or should I say waterlessfall.

Gears up for abseiling

It was really fun doing abseiling for the first time. There was a mixture of fear and excitement when I was going down just by hanging on to a rope. I'd love to try again if I have the chance.

Resting with Pn. Roszimah and Kak Baya after abseiling

Then the bomba lorry ferried us to Pasir Tengkorak Beach (literally means Skull Sand Beach) for lunch and get ready for our next activity - Water Rafting!!!

The beach was quite nice, not many people were there too.

We were then given 4 tyres, 2 plastic pipes and lots of raffia string to build our own raft. When all rafts are ready, we race across the sea and return.

That's my team!

We got first place in round one but dropped to 3rd place in second round. Anyway, bravo to my team!

Before we go back to the resort, we dropped by a small stall at the roadside for some local delicacies. The GMs paid for the bill. Yay!

[clockwise from top left]
cendol pulut, laksa, rojak, coconut water

Don't really like the cendol, got a bit of sourish taste. Laksa's quite nice though.

Yuzi and her laksa

We had barbeque dinner that night. Right after that was group performances and closing ceremony of this team building event.

My team got last place in overall standing~ lalala~

The night continued with karaoke but I didn't join. Was really tired already.

5 April 2010 @ Langkawi heading back to KL

The last day was basically a shopping day. We checked out of our resort in the morning and tour around the Gamat (sea cucumber) factory, Batik shop and Kuah town for duty free shops. Everyone especially the aunties bought stuff as if they print money at home. Hahaha...

I just bought some chocolates and a bottle of wine back. Nothing much.

The journey back home was another long one. Thank god I didn't fell asleep trying to drive home from my office. I reached home at past midnight.

Seldom I summarize everything up in one post but when I was looking through the pictures, there were not much stories to tell. So, that's about it. My not so interesting journey to Langkawi. Billy, out.

For more photos can check out Tini's Facebook. Credits to Tini for the rafting photo.


Xjion89 said...

hey, bro! long time no visit!
The trip still looks nice and fun!hahaha, the sharing room 1 is funny! u know tat person gah?~~

keep in touch and keep supporting each others^^

Billy said...

yah no time no see you. Hehe...
I met that person before but not close with him... so kinda weird sleeping together. =P

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