Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Conference at Pullman Putrajaya

21 April 2010 @ Pullman Putrajaya Lakeside

I was invited to join the TM Wiki Conference organized at Pullman Putrajaya, which I heard was one of the most luxurious hotels in Malaysia. It's so famous that I gotta witness it myself right?

My friend WoonLee was there too. So we both went exploring around the hotel during break time from the conference.

Interior (outside conference room)

The Clock Tower right in the middle

A bridge linking 2 buildings

Swimming Pool!

Can see PICC from the pool



The hotel has various themes as you walk from one building to another. The architecture was terrific and the staffs were really helpful to guide you to your destination.

Well, Pullman was not the only reason I attended this conference. It was because I won a prize in a contest held before this. I was hoping to win the Ipod Shuffle... but WoonLee won it! Gah! I got a useless RM50 iTalk card only, that's still lying on my desk.

At least I didn't go home empty-handed. Hmph! Billy, out.


leo said...

i dun have the pictures:(

Billy said...

woopzzz forgot to pass to you? sorry... will give it to you asap. =P

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