Monday, June 28, 2010

i-City - Lights Up!

25 April 2010 @ i-City, Shah Alam

I have heard of this place from several people, seen some beautiful photos, and wished that I can go take a look myself.

Decided to pay this place a visit on a boring saturday evening.

Bright White Christmas Tree!



Red Chinese Lanterns

Stalls were set up to sell drinks, food and toys

Under the maple tree


We walked further up and saw a colourfully lit up forest.

Colourful Forest

Bamboo Tree

Someone's trying to steal the tree


Animal Abuse.. hahaha...

Befriending the panda after sitting on it. =P

The place blew me away with all the LED lights everywhere. Lovely designs and colours. Really worth a visit for photography. Don't forget to bring along a tripod!

I-City is easily visible from the Federal Highway at night. Check out Google Maps for directions. Billy, out.

1 comment:

Xjion89 said...

yup, heard of it~~~
i knew it was a nice place~~
but, too many lightbulbs~~waste energy ooo...hahaha

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