Thursday, May 06, 2010


20 March 2010 @ TT Sports Park, Subang Jaya

Loooooooooooooong time no see my UTAR friends. Loh had to book me few months before to make sure I can make it. And I was the mystery guest... the rest didn't know I was going. *woot*

masks and chest piece

I have been wanting to play paintball since like... many years ago. But the game is not cheap and it requires around 10 people to play. Where to find so many people to play with me jek?

Reloading ammo

That's everyone waiting to start the game


Denise @ TT Sports Park

After a short briefing on some basic safety rules from the staff at TT Sports Park, we split into 2 teams and started shooting at each other, at the field of course.


Wah! Someone even crawled on the ground!

That's me! That's me!

All the photos were taken by those "dead men". Thanks to whoever that took my photo ya!

We bought 2,000 pellets and played 6 games I think. We finished all the pellets in less than 2 hours. Really fast leh... Bang! Bang! Bang! All gone already.



Group shot

For the whole session, I was almost hit many times, my gun jammed once and got hit once only. Yeah, a love mark by Ah Loh on my thigh.

It was an exhausting game but we had fun. My team didn't take much risk of running of as most of us are beginners and were afraid of getting hit by the pain ball. Nevertheless, our defensive strategy won! Billy, out.

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