Monday, May 17, 2010

Detour to Kg Koh & Teluk Intan

22 March 2010 @ Damai Laut

Despite the tiring day on the day before, we had to wake up early to catch our free breakfast at the hotel.

the restaurant

The favourite section of the restaurant is the "Egg Corner". You can order whatever kind of eggs you want and they'll cook for you! Yumzz!!

part of our breakfast [we definitely ate more than that]

Our next planned activity is to play at the sea. So we headed down to the beach.

"Watersports to the right please"

beach chairs along the sandy beach

Waterspots equipment counter

"Beware of Jellyfish"
Someone was stung by jellyfish just couple of days before we went there *scary*

So we went to the Watersports pondok to get a kayak and started paddling our way along the shore. We didn't dare to go too far as jellyfishes are on large! Well, according to the staff, jellyfishes are more active in the evening, that's why we chose to kayak under the bright morning sun.

The sun was too hot and we didn't want to turn into africans. So, we paddled back to shore and took a nap at the beach chairs. I love lying down at the beach listening to the sound of waves hitting the shore. Ah, it's so relaxing... *lovin' it*

Too bad we had to go not long after as it's nearing our check out time. We had time to take a few snaps here and there and took a final dip in the beautiful pool before we leave.

checked out and hit the road again!

Along the way out back to town, we saw...

Damai Laut Golf Course...

... and Dragon fruit plantations
[I was excited to see this plant. Sorry I'm a city boy, never seen this plant before]

22 March 2010 @ Kampung Koh
We decided to drop by Kampung Koh since it's near Lumut town. I heard that there are lots of Fu Chow people around there and their Kg Koh Chilli Sauce is one famous one.

OMG! My relative's clinic? *proud*

We drove around look see look see trying to hunt for food but we were too full to actually fit in more stuff into our tummies. So, we tried to search for Guang Bing or known as Fu Chow biscuits. I have only heard of the name from my dad, so I don't really know what I'm looking for.

I asked an aunty that sells kuih at the roadside to enquire about this biscuit. She told me there's a shop near the market and she can't tell me the exact location of the place. Based on my instincts, I found the place easily. Am I clever or what? *Ahem*

Guang Bing aka Fu Chow Biscuits

Honestly, the biscuits is nothing to "wow" about. It kinda hardens if you tapao back and keep it for too long.

22 March 2010 @ Teluk Intan
On the way back to Bidor, we bypass Teluk Intan as well. Heard of the leaning tower of Pisa, we Malaysians had our very own leaning tower, at Teluk Intan!

Going into the tower is free and you can really feel the senget-ness inside the building.

We then took our late lunch around there and headed straight home. By the time we reach KL, it was 6pm in the afternoon already. Lots of driving but I had lots of fun exploring new places. I just wished that price of petrol would be lower... Billy, out.


Jessica said...

happening betul wohhhh =P always ada roadtrip to here n there..

kelinik diong? can't be relate to you since u're wu diong diong =P ROFL!

Billy said...

Haha... No lah.. Once in a while only... Everyday go out will pokai one... =P

eh eh.. both also got wu diong diong also got diong what... I think I'm related lo.. LOL~

Noor Haniza Abu Bakar said...

Kelinik Diong??? Hehe...

deyan said...

lol...heavy breakfast and you should go into the clinic to say HI =P

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