Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Breakaway to Damai Laut

21 March 2010 @ Swiss Garden Damai Laut

After Pulau Pangkor, we had lunch and drove for another 30 minutes to reach Swiss Garden Golf Resort and Spa Damai Laut.

The road to the resort is really narrow and I don't understand why did they build such a nice hotel in a secluded area. Probably some people really want to breakaway from the hustle and bustle of city life, and have a relaxing vacation. Breakaway... really breakaway from the outside world. Don't think there were any shops/stalls within 10km radius from the resort. *grasp*

Haha... But I like it just the way it is, far far away from city. =)

Okay okay... Back to the story...

my first glance of Damai Laut *mata terbeliak*

While waiting to be checked in, we were served with 2 glasses of orange juice as our welcome drinks. We sat at the cafe and stretching our arms "Ah... Finally we reached".

JooLi and I + welcome drinks

from the lobby

The bell boy took our luggage and escorted to our room. Along the way, he explained about the facilities available at the resort. How nice of him.

The room was AWESOME!

Without wasting any time, we head down to the beach to see what we can do. There was a guy playing archery and I asked the staff if we could join.

We were using the Tim Tam we bought earlier as our bets to see who gets the better of the other.

Later on, we headed back to change to our swim wear and dipped into the swimming pool!

When the sun is setting, we quickly rushed down to the beach again to see the sun set, and also took some silhouette photos. It was fun playing with the shadows.


Kissing the pearl of life

The sky was getting dark as we went back to our room for dinner. Yes, this [picture below] is our dinner. Ei, the food there is damn expensive okay. Luckily we brought cup noodles and some snacks. *phew*

After filling your tummy sure need to go out and do some exercise right? We went to the games room for a round of pool. Then we went for sauna because it's free of charge! *Hurrah!*

Later in the night, we took our camera and walk around the resort. Geesh I didn't know that there is a sundry shop hidden at a little corner. Our dinner was sufficient anyhow.

stairway to lobby

Ah I like my t-shirt hahaha...

old trishaw

It was a tiring day, but but but... the fun was not over yet. More sun and sea in my next post. Stay tune! Billy, out.

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