Monday, April 26, 2010

We Don't Need Teachers Anymore?

Read this story few days back.
A primary school headmistress asked a teacher not to punish a student for not doing her homework to avoid offending her rich parents, reported Sin Chew Daily.

The teacher had earlier complained to the headmistress that some parents thought that the homework she gave was meaningless and would not help the students in their life later.

The students then decided not to do their homework but the teacher was surprised when the headmistress asked her to not punish them.
plucked from The Star Online

Seems that the academic line is getting easier and easier, in its own way. Teachers in my time used to make sure everyone do their homework and those who didn't shall be punished.

Since teachers are not allowed to punish students nowadays, and students are not doing their homework, there is no need of any teachers in schools anymore! In the future, all children will be home-schooled as these parents are smart enough to decide what's meaningful or not for their children.

Is there a problem in our education system? Or the kids nowadays are spoiled by their parents? Whatever it is, it's not bringing any good to our future generation until the problem is resolved.

I suggest that we have 2 different schools in the future - normal school and manja school. How's that? Billy, out.


Julez said...

I think those st*p*d young parents that let their kids bermanja will face the consequences when the kid becomes a teenager and are rebellious. Baru padan muka!

Brother Bear said...

+1 to ah jie

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