Friday, April 30, 2010

Korea WooHoo at Genting

6 March 2010 @ Genting Highlands

It's been many years since the Korea 5 Tigers go tripping together. As everyone was busy with their own work, several attempts to go for vacation together failed. More of a money matter for me. =P

DeYan, ChauLun and ChinNam bought tickets to watch Dayo Wong Zi Wah's stand up comedy show at Genting. So they ajak-ed ShinKeat and I to tag along for free lodging! Ahem, thanks~!

We headed to Coffee Terrace for eat-till-your-stomach-explode buffet lunch. Then checked into our room and went to play snooker and pool.

Giogy, Willy, Mr. Microsoft, Scan & Baekhunkia [top to bottom]

After the Dayo's show, we had Cup Noodles feast in the room. 5 different flavours for 5 people. We drew lots to determine who gets which cup.

We played cards in the room and then headed out for Casino. Everyone was tired after that...

7 March 2010 @ Genting Highlands

Second day in Genting started with 5 rounds of bowling. There was a promotion for early birds - RM15 for unlimited rounds of bowling from 10am till 12noon. Wah I bowl till my fingers were swollen. Anyway, it was fun, I have never bowled 5 games straight before this.

After that, we went back to our room to get our stuff to check out. 10 more minutes till check out time but both our keys were disabled already! DeYan and ChauLun went to the counter to reactivate the card while the 3 of us were stuck sitting outside like beggars getting stares from the passers-by every now and then.

Upon check out, we still have ample time to lepak around before our bus arrives. Tapao-ed Old Town milk teas and went to the little garden to take pictures.

Take 1: Promoting Old Town Milk Tea

Take 2: Kicking
(We had to comprehend not to lift our legs too high up coz someone had problem lifting his leg...)

Take 3: Standing

Take 4: Selling Butts

Take 5: Thousand-head god

Take 6: Head stack
(reminds me of the shot we did at Korea)

Took a 2pm bus back to KL and back to reality. It was a good hang out with the tigers (and an ox). Looking forward for more in the future ya. Billy, out.


deyan said...

can ask old town pay us some advertisement fees? ^_^

gio said...

they might sue u over spoiling their image....hehe

Billy said...

har? i spoil whose image wor?

Julez said...

Butts for sale? Haha...I'll take the one on the far right for 20cents pls!! *giggles*

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