Friday, November 10, 2006

Movie Mania

Studies for Year 2 Trimester 2 has just begun. Though the time during the holidays zoom like the speed of light, I still manage to have some fun and enjoyed myself a bit. The craziest thing [for me] that I have done during the holidays is watching around 20 movies. Don't get me wrong though, I didn't watch all of them in the cinema. Only 6 shows were watched in cinema while the rest I watched at home thru computer or DVD player. I don't usually go to the cinema a lot. But now, it seems like I would never miss a [good] movie that is screened in the cinema. That's so cool because I've always wanted to do that. Hahaha...

For this post, I'll just talk a bit on the movies I've watched on the big screen. The rest.. nah, forget about it. The very first show I watched [with Kuan, Bee and Alfred] right after exam was Silk, a story that revolves about a bunch of scientists who caught a kid ghost and they were trying to figure out his past. You know what? This is the first ever horror film that I watch in the cinema. [and the screening time is mid-night, creepy huh] Luckily it's not that scary and it's quite worth a watch.

On the following week, I broke my personal record for watching 3 movies [with Kuan and Bee] in a day [and ate McDonald's buffet till I can't move]. They were Open Season, World Trade Center and The Grudge 2. Though 3 movies have different feelings, funny, touchy, scary, I think that these 3 are just too plain and gets boring in some parts of the films. Overally, I would rate those 3 as average only.

On the final week of holidays, I watched The Covenant with Kuan, Bee and Ms Yoon [my ex-Korean tutor] at Sunway Pyramid. I was late and I miss the first half of the show. Without knowing what happened in the beginning, I blurly watched the remaining half of the show. It turned out not as great as I have expected though. The very next day, we watch The Prestige in 1Utama to "avenge" my loss and the dissatisfactory of The Convenant. The Prestige is about 2 magicians trying to outdo each other in their magic shows and many terrible things happened. The ending of the story is very very much unexpected. This show is much more interesting that I thought.

What can I say, at least I ended my movie mania holidays with a good show after all. =P Billy, out.

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