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Hanoi - Lakes, Temples & Night Market [Part 2]

12 February 2012 @ Hanoi, Vietnam

After walking for about 1km from our hotel, we reached the West Lake.

There are 2 major lakes in Hanoi - West Lake & Hoan Kiem Lake. Both lakes are popular hangout places for youngsters and dating place for couples.

We then walked to the Trấn Quốc Pagoda, a Buddhist temple located on a little islet of West Lake.

Sadly, it's closed for lunch when we reach. There you go, only photos from the outside..

We started to head back towards our hotel while keeping an eye to look for a place to dine. I spotted this little local shop that sells noodles. Great aye!

We went in, tried to speak to the waitress but failed. She couldn't understand a word we uttered. So she pulled us over to the other side of the wall where pictures of their menu is displayed.

We pointed at then picture and this is what we got. Noodles with fish / prawns and lots of vege.

The noodles came in big portion and it's really satisfying. What's better than a bowl of hot noodle soup on a chilly day eh?

Further down the road was an ice-cream parlour. The bright orange building caught our attention and you know what happened next...

We had a yoghurt flavoured ice-cream!

Along the way back, there's a memorial with soldiers and words carved "HANOI 1946".

I suppose it's to commemorate the Battle of Hanoi where the Vietnamese nationalists fought with the French for the foundation of Democratic Republic of Vietnam under Ho Chi Minh.

We took a quick rest back at our hotel before setting foot to the other side of Hanoi.

Later in the evening, we make our way to the more happening lake - Hoan Kiem Lake.

There's also a temple located on the islet of this lake. It's called the Temple of Jade Mountain. It's linked by this red bridge by the name of Huc Bridge (translated as Welcoming Morning Sunlight Bridge).

Entrance fee: 20,000 Dong

JooLi and I at the entrance of the temple

Interior of the temple

The lake has a legend of this mythical Golden Turtle God, which gave a magic sword to Le Loi, then emperor and founder of Le Dynasty.

The myth turned into reality when a fisherman abusively caught the giant turtle from the lake. The turtle died but they still preserved it in the temple.

Thousands of visitors flocked to this temple everyday - whether they're tourists or locals who went there for prayers.

There were also a huge group of people playing Chinese Chess at the side of the temple. The scene created quite a bit of attention among the tourists.

We then settled for Lotteria, a fast food chain as our dinner. Taste wise not too bad but the service wasn't as fast as I thought.

Dong Xuan Night Market is the longest & most happening night market in town. However, you have to be really careful with pickpockets as the place is really crowded.

We walked from one end to the other end without buying much things. The stuffs they sell weren't as attractive as those at Chatuchak market in Bangkok.

Interesting Pop-Up Cards @ Dong Xuan Market

While we were taking a turn, an aunty put her shoulder pole and her hat on JooLi for me to take photo. I rejected her offer but she insisted that it's free.

So I snapped, put down her things and wanted to leave.

Quickly, she called us to buy some of her fruits. I don't mind buying but I couldn't afford the extremely expensive luxury fruits she's selling. We left without looking back.

We headed back to our hotel (just 2 blocks away) to rest early as we'll be leaving very early to Ha Long Bay the next day! Billy, out.

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Julez said...

Loved the walk in the chilly weather with you =)

Billy said...

Love it too <3

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