Friday, June 01, 2012

Hanoi - Exceptional Hospitality [Part 1]

12 February 2012 @ Hanoi, Vietnam

Note to self - never ever buy a flight at 6:15am!

It was a crazy start, reaching the airport at 4am+... But I want to get cheap tickets, what to do... *sighz*

Nevertheless, I finally stepped into Vietnam! And I've always wanted to visit Hanoi & the UNESCO World Heritage Site - Ha Long Bay. Yesss!!

Once we touch down in Hanoi, I could feel the chills down to my bones and we were all having misty breath. Yes, IT WAS COLD!

Good that we have booked all our hotels and airport transfer arrangement online. So not much hassle getting to our first hotel - Charming 2 Hotel!

Although it's just a small hotel, we were greeted by the staffs like old friends who haven't seen each other for donkey years.

Welcome drinks were served while we checked into our room.

They upgraded us to the deluxe room for free!

There's a big LCD TV, a DVD player, a desktop to surf the web, a bath tub and a plate of fresh fruits everyday.

The room is well-maintained and very clean. Loved the exceptional hospitality by the staffs. Well above my expectations I'd say.

We put down our things in the room and started exploring the streets of Hanoi. First and foremost - food hunt!

Bought ourselves some pastries to keep our tummies happy. And to keep our body warm also. It's really cold...

I have heard people telling me that the number of bikes in Vietnam is insane. And I just witness my with own eyes..

Then we started exploring the streets on our feet.

Narrow and tall buildings can be found everywhere. It's a significant architecture in Hanoi.

We bypass a little stall that sells something like kebab. The smell was so good I drooled all over the place.

So we bought one to share and it's yummeh!

Yum Yum! Love food hunting! More photos on our street exploration in my coming post. Billy, out.

Next post: Hanoi - Lakes, Temples & Night Market [Part 2]

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