Sunday, September 11, 2011

Congratulations to Yanie & Raem

18 June 2011 @ Pokok Sena, Kedah

It was my longest drive up north so far. And I was pretty hyped to attend my first Malay friend's wedding. Yanie used to sit next to me and we worked together under the same boss.

From Sungai Petani, it took us another 1 hour plus to reach Yanie's kampung. By the time we reach, swarms of people were there already.

The theme s pink and white, very lovey-dovey colour. And they used a more modern pelamin instead of the traditional 2 chairs.

While we were eating halfway, the bride and groom arrived! We followed them into the house and managed to grab them for a photo.

JooLi, Yanie, Raem, Me

Yanie is now having a baby in her tummy and they're going to be papa and mama in few months time! She's always wanted a baby herself and her dream is coming true! Congratz to them again!

The whole trip KL - Ipoh - Sg Petani - Pokok Sena - KL was really tiring. We drove for 1,000 km in just that 2 days. That's Crazy! Billy, out.

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