Monday, April 04, 2011

Uncle Wai's "Surprise" Visit

9 February 2011 @ Redbox Karaoke + Daorae Korean Restaurant + Moe De Cafe

Well, his return to Malaysia was supposed to be a surprise but words slipped on Facebook and there goes the surprise element. Still, I was exicted to see him back in KL!!

Me, ChunHao & SiawCheng

Karaoke is a must in our ritual when we meet up. Too bad SokBee, the self-proclaimed "Pretty Malacca Lady" was not around to make things crazier. More like "Crazy Malacca Lady" to me... Haha!

Then we took ages to decide on what to eat for dinner. Finally the council agreed on Korean food coz the VIP is sick of Steak and Italian.

The crapping session continued at Moe De Cafe. Had to go there as the Old Town beside it was full house.

ChunHao: "I miss you guys..." =(

We had so much fun and jokes and gossips and laughters that I think my jaws were dislocated along the way. Haha... Just kidding.

He's back in London now. I shall see him the next time he's back then, or when I had learn how to teleport. Thanks for the Chocobean thingy that flew thousands of miles to reach my mouth. I tried 'em today. Love it. Billy, out.

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