Friday, April 22, 2011

KL Heritage Xplorace

26 February 2011 @ Menara KL

I've always been a big fan of races and it's quite some time since I last took part in a race.

This time around, KL Tower organized a race around Kuala Lumpur - KL Heritage Xplorace. I was so excited about it that I dragged JooLi along to take part as a team.

Yay! KL boy first time at KL Tower!

The first thing was registration. We didn't even know where the registration counter was until I noticed a crowd beside the escalator.

And so we waited for our turn and got ourselves a goodie bag each & a passport for the race. All of us had to change to the given t-shirts but we're not allowed to choose our size! Tsk, tsk, tsk.

Before the race start, everyone gathered at the starting line to watch the opening performance and do some light aerobics to warm up our bodies.

there were more than 200 teams

Safa also took part in the race!

The race began with a few mathematical questions and trivia about KL Tower. We were one of the first few teams to complete the first task but looking for the 2nd checkpoint slowed us down a bit.

Me dancing in orang asli costumes at Checkpoint #2 (MaTiC)

JooLi playing Coconut Bowling at Checkpoint #7 (Dataran Merdeka)

Me doing the Chingay at Checkpoint #7 Optional Task (Dataran Merdeka)

JooLi blowing the pipe at Checkpoint #10 (Muzium Telekom)

My leg cramped at Checkpoint #10 and had to call for medical assistance. Malunya... Luckily my leg recovered just before the ambulance arrive. If not lagi malu...

We continue on to complete Checkpoint #11 and Checkpoint #12 to finish the race. But we were disqualified because we didn't finish in time. Well, I reckon more than half of the teams didn't finish in time due to the LOOOONG wait at checkpoints.

Souvenir from Checkpoint #5 (Masjid India)

I had lots of fun and pain in the whole race. The worst part of the race was how disorganized it was. We left the place before they announce the winner so I didn't know who won. But I'm pretty sure the team that won must be very fit to run around KL on foot for 15km! Billy, out.

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