Friday, July 30, 2010

Cooling Outing at Camerons [Part 2]

24 May 2010 @ Cameron highlands

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Right after our unhealthy lunch, we drove to Big Red Strawberry Farm. I think it's the largest place of interest at Cameron, hundreds of parking lots.

They don't just plant strawberries, you will see all sorts of flowers in pots waiting to be adopted by people, hydroponic vegetables and a food shop right at the top of this place.

JooLi and hydrangeas

carnivorous plant

SS Group Photo

Strawberry waffle
"A must try in Cameron" - JooLi

We back to our apartment after a long morning to rest. Everyone took a nap (I think) before going out for our planned steamboat dinner. Surveyed around and we picked this shop coz they are charging RM10 per person with free flow of vegetables. Haha... I know, cheap vege in Cameron mah...

After dinner, I had to distract JooLi from her friends while the rest went to buy cakes for her! How nice of 'em.

Yup, we celebrated JooLi's belated birthday at Camerons with Starbucks CAKES! Oh the cakes were really yummiliciouuuuuuuuuuuuuuussss.

Funny Face pose

No night activities at town, we we had indoor games just like the day before. Played Jenga. Not a big fan of this game though... kinda boring. =P

But see how some of them had fun! Hahaha...

25 May 2010 @ Cameron Highlands

I used some of the leftover eggs and the extra eggs we tapao back from the steamboat to make scrambled eggs for breakfast. *slurps*

Then packed up and checked out early to go to Kea Farm before rolling down the hill.

Bugs bunny's carrot!!

Both our cars are filled with the smell of chlorophyll after the visit to Kea Farm.

@ one of the shops on the way down

Dropped by Ipoh for lunch for their famous Bean Sprout Chicken and Soya Bean before driving home. Ah I miss the cool air up there, and I miss all the fun shouting and screaming together. Hehehe.. And nice meeting a few new friends too. Billy, out.

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Xjion89 said...

hahaha, u r like an old pal already^^
know u for a couple of years already loh~~~

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