Monday, July 26, 2010

Cooling Outing at Camerons [Part 1]

23 May 2010 @ Cameron Highlands

After many failed attempts to meet up for the past don't know how many months, (almost) everyone get to see everyone at Cameron Highlands this time.

Radi, Leonie, JooLi and I

We reached the top in the afternoon, checked in, and headed down to Tanah Rata for a walk.

Waiting for bus?

Convent school - They were having Sunday service at the church inside

Wah! So LANSI!

Tanah Rata view from the school

We went back to our apartment to rest and went out in the evening for dinner. We had some Chinese dishes with rice.

Yum yum~

Nothing much to do at night. We decided to play Pictionary. Everybody got so excited that we started screaming and shouting and laughing so loud the apartment almost collasped. Haha...

What's the word?!!!

Argh!! Checking the meaning of the word using Radi's phone

*phew* Hungry after playing games - Maggie Time!

24 May 2010 @ Cameron Highlands

We woke up early next morning to have our very own soft boiled eggs for breakfast. First destination of the day - MARDI.

Entrance fee - RM1.50 for student

Group pic (without me) - JooLi, LiJing, Nick, Radi, Leonie

Lots of flowers, fruits and plants inside MARDI

Strawberries are all over Camerons!!

Don't know what gigantic melon is this but it's cool

We spent quite some time inside MARDI walking around, taking pictures and buying stuff made in MARDI. Then we head downwards some more to reach the tea plantation.

JooLi and Me

It was very hot and the sun is right on top of our heads. We didn't spend much time there as there were nothing much to see also. We then went for lunch at KFC before continuing our visits to other places. Billy, out.

[to be continue...]


Xjion89 said...

Cameron Highlands is the best place for hideaway~~but, getting warmer up thre..~~

leo said...

cameron so hot a?

Billy said...

yah, quite hot up there... =(

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