Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Reminiscence of Living in Malacca

16 May 2009 to 17 May 2009 @ Malacca

The title doesn't suit me very well, but it sure does bring back lots of old memories for the rest of the gang.

Yup, TM Gang headed out for another trip in May - Malacca. It's a coincident that most of us will be at Malacca on that weekend, so we asked HanChin and Mike to join our food trip as well.

After a tiring day for Team W power 4 in the treasure hunt earlier of the day, we checked into our hotel and rested till night time. Then we head out for dinner at a satay celup shop and then dropped by a mamak shop for its roti naan.

Then we walked to Jonker Street. On the way there, we took photo at The Baba House - where WoonLee stayed in her previous visit.

As far as I remembered, I have not been to Jonker Street. Yes, my first time there. After walking around, Eugene brought us to this shop for cendol. And we took a random 1-5 photo.

1. William

2. Mike

3. Wilson aka Tai Kor

4. HanChin aka Senior

5. Eugene aka D' Malaccan

The cendol was way too sweet and the gula melaka did not melt properly. Anyway, we head back to our hotel as everyone's pretty tired. We had to cancel our plan to drink at Ringo's.

I think Jonker St. is quite interesting, kind of like Petaling Streeet in KL. When I was there, there were people singing and performing on stage and numerous people were actually sitting in front of the stage enjoying the performance!

Cendol - in Lomo effect

WoonLee got a lomo camera for her birthday and I would say the effect of lomography is quite unique. I'm not investing into lomography but I tried faking one myself - using photoshop. Hehe... What do you think?

Cheryl, HanChin, WoonLee, JooLi, me, Mike and Wilson at Cendol Shop

In the middle of the night, we got hungry again and drove to McDonald's for supper. We just can't leave McD alone wherever we go aye?

Day 2, our tour guide Mr. Eugene brought us lunch and berwindow-shopping at Dataran Pahlawan Melaka Megamall. It's a new shopping mall in town. Malacca has changed a lot since the last time I went there, more than a decade ago.

One thing that didn't change was the A'Famosa fotress. How can I not take photo with this landmark when I'm in Malacca?!

After cooling ourselves down in the air-conditioned mall. We drove to Multimedia University!! All my friends have studied in this campus, except me. Well, it was a great opportunity for me to visit this place that they all have been talking about all along.

First stop - Siti Hasmah Digital Library.

Ah, Eugene is finally in a photo

We walked up to the lecture halls. Couldn't resist a jump shot.

lecture hall

hostel blocks

football field and some apartments nearby

the engineering geeks

Another group photo before leaving the place

Before leaving Malacca, we went to queue up at this shop that is famous for its Char Siew. We also ordered other dishes for dinner.

Wow, the Char Siew is really the best Char Siew in the world. No wonder there's always a long queue of people outside his shop just to buy his Char Siew.

The food trip in Malacca was pretty enjoyable, though everyone was quite tired. But there were a lot more good food in Malacca that we haven't try. So I believe Malacca Food Trip - Part 2 will be coming pretty soon, hopefully. Billy, out.

P/S: Thanks a lot to Eugene for organizing this trip and touring us around. Credits to Eugene also for some of the photos above.


gio said...

kinda miss mmu malacca too...

Vince Ong said...

Hi.. hope is an enjoying day for you guys, Melaka is indeed a nice place to visit. Nice photos and nice story.


小李 said...

nice blog there zhang xiao di...

melaka food trip 2... gogogo...hehe...

小李 said...

oh before melaka food trip 2...

penang food trip.. gogogo... hehe..

leo said...

i miss W4 team..
i miss jonker..
i miss MMU..
i miss char siew..
i miss everything in melaka...


p/s: jonker cendol memang like tat one..gula melaka is TAT thick..some like it some dun like..

Billy said...

I didn't miss mmu melaka coz I've never study there.. haha =P

Yup, it's very enjoyable. Thanks for the visit. =)

YA! Penang Food Trip gogogo! Melaka Food Trip 2 gogogo!

mmmm... yea can guess that the cendol is memang like that. Prefer the one your sister's selling.. Hehe =D

JanuskieZ said...

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