Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Happy Burstday Eugene!

19 May 2009 @ Little Penang Cafe, Midvalley Megamall

TM Gang gathered once again for another holy celebration - Eugene's birthday aka Mr. Dude.

We had dinner and took photo using the big mirror inside the shop. This is called syok sendiri di depan cermin.

Well, after that, cake is presented to birthday boy. Since he likes to play jokes on people. We had little pranks for him too.

First, we had magic candles whereby the fire is very hard to put off. He blew, and blew, and blew... and yet the fire lights back everytime. We had to throw the candles into the cup of water to put off the fire as the we're making the shop very very smokey.

The cake - Black Magic Cake. Very rich yummy dark chocolates. Slurpz~

It's present time! First up, we gave him a cheapskate-home-made gladiator OST. He has been trying to look for the original CD but couldn't find in any of the shops he went to. I guess he likes the CD a lot.

The surprise came in when we bought him a Nike green t-shirt. Wanted to buy the Eugene Jacket but couldn't get the right size and colour for him.

Per usual, the tradition goes on. Birthday guy taking picture with everyone present.

Dude and WoonLee

Dude and me (his ex-ghey partner in Taiping)

Dude and JooLi

Dude and TaiKor Wilson

Dude and Mike

Dude and HanChin (ex-ghey partner in Bangsar)

Dude and Cheryl

Another simple celebration with TM Gang. Cheers! Billy, out.


Eugene said...

Haha I'm FIRST to comment XD. Thanks for blogging about my b'day. AND I LOVE u my ex-ghey partner :D

and holy celebration? XD

Billy said...

Dear Eugene,

I striked out the "holy" didn't you see? I should have put "yellowish" or "senget-ed" instead eh. Haha..

I LOVE u too!!! *uuueeeekk* =P

Xjion89 said...

omg, u and ur ex are so sweet!@@ stil can be friend after taiping~~~hahaha^^

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