Sunday, July 19, 2009

Happy Burstday Joo Li!

7 May 2009 @ TGIF, Section 14 PJ

Mille crepe - a cake made of many layers. There aren't a lot of shops in Malaysia that sells this kind of cake. We bought three slices for JooLi's birthday.

Surprisingly, we didn't take any photos of food and presents. So let's just skip to the group photos.

We actually bought her a lot of little stuffs, ranges from cute paper clips to enema; Tiger biscuits to Rocky chocolate sticks.

For the food, we ordered a lot of stuff to be shared among the nine of us. Salad, steak, sandwiches... couldn't really remember them.

8 May 2009 @ Chef and Brew, Bukit Damansara

The next day, we went for lunch, movie and Chef and Brew for dinner. We ordered...

Fried calamaries *yumz*

William Lambchop

JooLi Salmon

Great food, great day. Everything was perfect. Billy, out.

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