Tuesday, July 21, 2009

A Good Deed for a Tough Hunt

16 May 2009 @ Petaling Jaya - Malacca

After a fun and exciting TM Amazing Race about 6 months back, here we go again challenging a tougher treasure hunt - Lions Club Charity Motor Hunt 2009.

WoonLee sticking the sponsor's sticker on the car

This event was organized by Lions Club PJ and the hunt was created by Michael Pang.

Introducing the members of Team W4 - Cheryl Wan, WoonLee, William & Wilson. WoonLee was the driver while I was the navigator. Three of them were actually in the Amazing Race last year, except Wilson.

We are team no. 12 - W4 (prounce as W power 4 *ahem*)

Registration booth

We reached before sunrise to check in, change into the hunt tees and listen to a short briefing before flag off.

Look at the number of teams taking part

That is Michael Pang talking

We were given 2 goodie bags filled with stuff inside - pens, notebooks, buns, namecard holder, etc etc... and a red cap for each of us. Without any hesitation, we wore them and SS-ed.

We got the first question correct quite easily, with Cheryl's extremely wide knowledge's help of course. So we were fired up to hunt for the next 44 questions. All the answers can be found on sign boards along the way from Petaling Jaya to Malacca.

Well, things don't really go well as we were totally clueless about the questions and millions of possible answers on the road. Basically, we shooted (tembak) from question 2 onwards.

We even entertain ourselves by getting down the car and went to the middle of a road in Malacca to take photo. Oh, we also stopped for some fruits to quench the thirst.

SS again - I switched place with Cheryl so she can see the signboards better.

We got kinda fed up and frustrated for the fact that we couldn't interpret what the clues mean. So, very quickly, we filled in all the answers we guessed and head towards the finsihing line - the Grand Continental Hotel in Malacca.

The answers will be revealed in an hour and the winners will be announced. Well, we did pretty badly... Only got 4 answers correcly, out of 45 questions, and 2 of the correct ones are tembak one.

There's nothing much to talk about the race. Only one word - Super duper TOUGH!! We learnt our lesson and don't think we'll ever challenge any open hunt again until we are really ready for it.

As a consolation, we got ourselves a lucky draw bag. Well at least we didn't go back empty handed. Oh and we did a good deed too, by donating few hundreds (our registration fees) to the charity.

Since the 4 of us were in Malacca already, we asked others to join us for Jalan-jalan Kota Bersejarah. More to come. Billy, out.


leo said...

wah..i wan all the photos..
when is TM amazing race a?wanna take part o not?
This time must get top3!!

Billy said...

Will pass all the photos to you when I collect them all ya.
I also wanna take part in the TM amazing race again leh. So fun... Hehe... Should be end of the year gua... Yaya.. must get top 3, wanna win the cash~~~ =P

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