Thursday, May 10, 2007

Superb Sunday

6 May 2007, 6.00pm - Sungai Wang Plaza, KL
It was a Sunday and it was evening. We (me and my UTAR friends) were suppose to meet up at Sungai Wang plaza but someone was late. Hehe.. I made a silly mistake which costs me another RM2 parking fee because I went in Sungai Wang parking 3 minutes before 6pm! [After 6pm flat rate RM4]. At third floor situates the roller skating rink. We paid RM16 each and skated till 9.30pm. My butt is still painful the next day because SeowHooi fell and she pulls me down as well. Luckily no fracture bones. Hehe.. Old already bones easy to break. =P

Me, Loh, SeowHooi, ShenWei, Phuah @ Skating Rink in Sg. Wang

Me & SeowHooi @ Skating Rink

Me on skates [very blur coz using wrong mode to shoot =( ]

The pair of skates I wore ^^

After that we went all the way to Cheras to eat dinner with SeowHooi's Kembara leading Loh's Iswara and my Toyota. 5 people in 3 cars! No choice cause all of us stay in different places. And so, we reached Gobi Cafe in Pandan Indah. The environment there is quite soothing but we had to sit very close to each other because we joined in SeowHooi's friend's table [which is about 10 people sharing a medium-sized table]. Next stop: Neway Karaoke near Leisure Mall. But before we reach our destination, we had a little detour to drop SeowHooi's friend and look see look see SeowHooi's house.

7 May 2007, 12.00 midnight- Neway Karaoke, Cheras

Me with lots of Kampai's @ Neway Karaoke in Cheras

I only drank 3 bottles =P

Group photo @ Neway Cheras

We sang from 12 midnight to 4am. Costs us RM35 per head [including tax and tidbits]. Each of us get 3 drinks [Kampai, beer or fruit juice]. We ordered quite a lot of Kampai though. Hehe... I had a wonderful night with all of them. Looking forward to meet the rest of the UTAR gang in June. [Long time no see, miss them a lot] Billy, out.

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beaubee said...

OMG!our billy chai drunk!i must tell ms.yoon,hehe.Let her beware of u,this bad boy when u at korea.

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