Monday, September 10, 2012

Hanoi - Water Puppet [Part 8]

14 February 2012 @ Hanoi, Vietnam

One of the major attractions in Hanoi is the water puppet show at Thang Long Water Puppet Theatre.

We bought the 9.15pm tickets for 60,000 Dongs each, and we get to sit somewhere in the middle of the theatre. Not bad.

Vietnamese girl sitting beside me!

The show is mostly revolves around the lives of Vietnamese people and some of their folk tales.

I was trying to get a snapshot of the orchestra but I got a pretty dark shot. Did a little editing and the photo turned out pretty creepy...

The show ended in less than 1 hour but the performance was superb. It's amazing how the puppeteers can easily control the wooden puppets to dance on the water.

Right outside the theatre, there's a display of different types of puppets used for performance. I'm amazed at how these puppets are uniquely carved and coloured.

After the show, we took a stroll outside. At the busy street near Hoan Kiem Lake, there are many balloon sellers standing in the middle of the road trying to sell the balloons to the couples on bikes. 

It's quite a dangerous feat as there are constantly swarms of motorcycles trying to run you down zooming on the roads. You will never be able to cross the road if you want to wait until the road is clear!

It was valentine's day anyway. And I think the Hoan Kiem lake is the most romantic place in Hanoi because there were hundreds of couples sitting at the side of the lake! Guess there's not many places for them to hang out...

We joined the crowd and walked along the quiet chilly lakeside. I kinda like the serene feeling while looking at the lighted temple in the middle of the lake.

One of the favourite thing that I like to do when traveling is to hunt for street food. I can see a lot of people eating Pho Bo (pronounce as "Fur Ball" hahaha) at the roadsides and it looks good!

I picked a stall, sat down, ordered my "fur ball" and it was yummilicious! Having a bowl of hot noodle soup in the cold weather was the best thing ever!

Well, by the time I finish my noodles, most of the shops were already closed. 

We went back to our hotel to rest and left Hanoi very very early the next day, after our sumptuous hotel breakfast of course. And that wraps up my short trip to Hanoi! Billy, out.


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