Saturday, May 21, 2011

Anniversary Dinner at Outback Steakhouse

21 March 2010 @ Outback Steakhouse, Bangsar Village

Everytime I bypass Bangsar Village, I feel like dining at this place. It's the Outback Steakhouse!

We decided to try it out on this special occasion. The description of the food is quite seductive, but not the price though... Hehehe...

#1: Bushman 'Shrooms

We ordered a starter for our dinner - Bushman 'Shrooms. It's platter of mushrooms breaded and deep fried served with spicy ranch dressing. You've gotta eat this while it's still hot. The mushrooms are so juicy you have to be careful not to squirt to your friend when biting it.

#2: Her all time favourite Fish 'N Chips

#3: BBQ Chicken Quarter For Me

The chicken is very tender but I love the potato most. The sauce on the chicken has a 'lil sweet taste, not a good choice for those who doesn't fancy sweety dish.

Me & JooLi

People must be thinking that I'm crazy to go to a Steakhouse and not ordering steak. Maybe next time? Would love to go again! Billy, out.

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Julez said...

i wanna eat the mushrooms again *drools*

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